Lynne Fensterer Profile

It’s been a wild ride from my initial career in Advertising & Graphic Design. My passion for interior design merged with my artist abilities when I opened a retail design shop called “The Finishing Touch” selling antiques and revamped furniture while offering my services as a decorative artist.

The artistic projects increased with every commission and I was enthralled with being able to design and create for these clients. So, I sold the shop and poured my creative energy into my new full time career as a muralist and decorative artist. Over this 20 year span, I have been privileged to have my art contribute to the decoration of residential and commercial projects, many of which are featured in editorials and magazines. I have been commissioned in many of the states of the east coast with the bulk of my projects in the two places I have dually resided, Long Island and Florida. My murals and decorative artwork mirror the diversity of each client’s unique personal style.

In 2003, I moved to Florida and decided to retreat into my studio to further express my art. Because I am better at full throttle than idle, once again, I dabbled in merchandising with a retail design storefront. With a much more refined sense of design, I emphasized my artist style. One of a kind hand painted furniture, art and textiles became the signature of my design business. I have since scaled down to a studio at home where I am focusing on custom mural and decorative designs on canvas and paper along with reproducible designs for textiles and tile.

Sow good things and sweet remembrances will grow from them

Lynne Fensterer’s work has been featured in the following magazines, among others.