An artistic infusion for your decorating projects

Inspiration is the starting point in creating a home that reflects the essence of a client’s personality. As a muralist I have been inspired by each client’s unique personal style and the diversity it has brought to my artistic style.

It’s all about designing. The opportunity to create and resolve a design challenge always gets my adrenalin pumping. It doesn’t matter if it’s a powder room mural or a pattern to compliment a fabric, I strive for a unique perspective in the approach of the project.

~ Lynne Fensterer



“I am better at full throttle than idle”. Indeed, Lynne’s abounding energy and creativity have been the driving force of her career. Read more about Lynne Fensterer.



As a muralist, Lynne is inspired by each client’s unique personal style. Her photo gallery features a sampling of artwork for a variety of clientele tastes. We would love to add your personal style to the collection!



“The outcome is only as good as the input,” is realized in each and every one of Lynne’s projects involving a tremendous amount of dedication and energy.
Read more about her process.